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Thermoelectric materials are those which can convert thermal energy into electric energy, or vice versa, through the thermoelectric phenomena in metals and semiconductors. Such energy conversion technology is referred to as thermoeletcrics, which has a long history of research and development. Recent pressing needs to find new resources of renewable energy give rise to a renewed interest in thermoelectric energy conversion, which drive researchers to develop new thermoelectric materials. 


The energy conversion is one of the most important subject for science and technology for sustainable developments, and the energy-conversion materials of high efficiency are most desired in all the modern technologies. Since such research areas are in interdisciplinary complexes among physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and materials engineering, it is of extreme importance for researchers from different areas to exchange their ideas. This international conference is designed to offer an ideal field for free discussion on thermoelectric materials and the related functional materials.

Call for Papers

This international conference is open to those who are interested in the physics and chemistry of new materials related to energy conversion/harvesting. We wish to accept applications to oral and poster presentations. Although the main topic is centered around thermoelectric energy conversion, we accept contributed presentation from much broader area of new materials. 

Registration fee is free Owing to the seat capacity of ES Hall, the number of the participants will be below around 100 people. The banquet fee is 5000 JPY per person for regular participants and 3000 JPY per person for students and postdocs.

We have accepted 100 participants, and the pre-registration is now closed. (Nov. 2nd).


Confirmed invited speakers


Program can be downloaded in the pdf format.  [Program] (230KB)
Abstract Booklet can be downloaded in the pdf format [AbstractBooklet] (3.1 MB)


Integrative Graduate Education and Research Program in Green Natural Sciences
The Murata Science Foundation

Organizing Committee and Contact

Ichiro Terasaki, Professor, Dr. (Contact person)
Department of Physics, Nagoya University
phone & fax.: +81-52-789-5255

Ryoji Funahashi (AIST)
Yuzuru Miyazaki (Tohoku University)
Masashi Mikami (AIST)
Yoshiaki Kinemuchi (AIST)
Takao Mori (NIMS)
Hiroki Taniguchi (Nagoya University)
Emmanuel Guilmeau (CRISMAT)